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It can be a difficult choice, but sometimes there is no alternative but to remove a tree. Of course, we’d prefer to try to save it first, but if the tree has to go, it should be done properly. Pro Tree Removal Brisbane has been in the business for more than ten years, and we have the training and equipment to remove trees safely and quickly, and with a minimum of disruption to your home or business.

What can make it necessary to remove a tree?

  • Damage from a storm or high winds can make collapse possible
  • Dead or diseased limbs and branches may present a falling hazard
  • It could be situated in an area that has to be cleared
  • Roots can cause damage to buildings or walkways
  • Trees can harbor insects and other pests
  • Falling leaves can cause clogged gutters or drainage problems


How to remove a tree safely and inexpensively

Obviously, tree removal can be dangerous. That’s why we make sure to do everything right, and to double up on every safety procedure.

Step 1: Check the trees protection status

Certain trees are protected, and can’t be removed except under specific circumstances (often when it is already dead). You’ll have to check with your local council, and it is best to do this before you call us. Either way, we can offer advice and support.

Step 2: Plan and prepare

Pro Tree Removal Brisbane starts with a site survey, and making a comprehensive plan for the removal. Every tree requires its own approach some can be felled in one piece, others must be taken down in smaller pieces for safety. We’ll make sure what is required at this stage.

Step 3: The actual removal

Our professional team of arborists and removal experts will now get down to business. Our first job is safety, of course ideally, it will only hurt the tree.

Step 4: Stump removal and cleaning up

Once the tree is gone, we clean up totally. We can leave the mulch or some firewood (uncut), of course that’s free.


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