Customer Testimonials

We value customer feedback as it is a good indicator of our performance. We often follow up with customers asking for a rating and a short testimonial, below are some recent ones we have received. If you would like to join our happy list of clients visit for a quote. We would love to hear from you.

Some trees in our backyard had grown and formed large canopies which made them look overgrown and bushy, an impression we weren’t really fond of. We received a quote for tree lopping which was very competitive. We decided to go ahead and were very happy with their services. They had professionals who ensured that all our trees were pruned and lopped according to how I wanted. They were fast, efficient and cleaned up all the left over branches. Big thumbs up guys thank you!

Chalkley Family, Springwood

We had two stumps in the backyard which had been there since we bought the house. Although I was contemplating the idea of trying to remove them myself I decided to get some quotes. Your team quoted a fair price but we were sold on their customer service, very personable and friendly (which sold my wife). They came in on a Saturday morning and were all finished within 2 hours. Great service and well worth the money.

Graeme Pearson – Fortitude Valley
My sister in law recommended the team at Pro Tree Removal Brisbane when we needed some mulch for our new landscape design. I called them Monday afternoon and had 10 cubic metres delivered the next day. They even went to the trouble of helping me move it around the side of the house. Definitely recommend.

Simone Badley – Brighton, Northside
We just bought our second investment property which had 2 large trees down the side where we were building a carport. My husband gave me the number for you guys and we got a quote the same day, I also googled a few other companies but only one of them sent a price. We decided to proceed as they had a cancellation which meant they could do the job at short notice. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable arborist in Brisbane. Thankyou, Grace

Grace Cain – Coopers Plains
I would be more than happy to send you a testimonial. I always found it difficult and tedious to prune any tree so we decided to get the pros in this time. I contacted your arborist and we discussed what I needed done and decided to go with them straight away as I felt confident they knew what they were doing. It was a pleasure dealing with them and we now use them on a regular basis for managing our property in the Gap.

Marilyn Combes – The Gap