Storm Damage Brisbane

Emergency Storm Damage

Clearing up broken & fallen trees after a storm

Pro Tree Removal Brisbane is available for emergency call out for storm damage. Our trained, certified and insured arborists can clear roads of fallen trees and debris, and remove threats to buildings and power lines. We work with corporate and commercial clients, utility companies, local authorities and individual home owners. We have the experience needed to deal with what a storm leaves behind, and get your life back to normal quickly, efficiently and safely!

Most of you remember the storm that swept across Brisbane in 2008. Most of you also know that it can’t be too long before we see another one, maybe not quite so bad, but maybe worse.

Some of the worst damage from fallen trees and limbs can happen days or even weeks after the storm, when weakened or damaged trees die or cracked limbs finally fall. If you are concerned that damaged trees could still cause harm, call us right away! We can examine your property and remove any potential threats before they have a chance to do real damage.

Of course, much of the damage is cosmetic the trees are perfectly healthy, and will be able to recover in time. Even then, a skilled arborist can make their recovery faster (and more certain) and make even damaged ornamental trees much easier on the eyes until they do recover.

If you have suffered storm damage, you might not know what to do. Don’t worry. Just follow these steps, and you’ll be well on your way:

  1. Contact your insurance provider
  2. Get a claim number.
  3. Ring us at 07 3106 8611 and tell us the claim number.
  4. Sit back and let us do the rest.


Locations in South East Queensland

  • Brisbane CBD & City
  • Northside & Southside Brisbane
  • West & East Areas
  • Ipswich and Toowoomba
  • Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast


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If you have suffered tree-related storm damage, Pro Tree Removal Brisbane is on hand and ready to help. Just call us at 07 3106 8611, and we’ll be right there.