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Tree lopping, also known as tree topping, involves removing the crown of a tree, often in order to reduce its overall size. Pro Tree Removal Brisbane has the training, experience and equipment to see to all of your lopping and trimming needs in a professional and safe manner. We are fully qualified , and have more than a decade of experience serving customers in and around greater Brisbane.

Our qualified and professional trained arborist will diagnose the best solution for your tree lopping requirements. We can also mulch the tree on your property for you to use any way you choose. Alternatively we will dispose of the tree for you.

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There are several circumstances when you might consider lopping a tree:

  • When a tree withers, due to age or disease

Sick or aging trees can quickly lose structural integrity. That poses a real problem, as previously strong and healthy branches can break and fall off, posing a danger to anything or anyone below them.

  • When a tree is blocking an important view, but you do not wish to have it removed

Trees can be vital parts of your landscaping plan, offering shade and shelter. Nonetheless, many will eventually grow taller than is convenient, blocking views or cutting off too much sunlight. If so, the only solution may be lopping, which reduces the height of the tree and slows further growth.

  • When a tree might pose a danger to your home or vehicles

We’ve all seen the pictures of what happens when a huge tree limb falls, crashing through a car or part of a home. None of us want to see that in person. When a tree grows dangerously large, trimming or lopping may be necessary to reduce it to a safer size without killing or removing it.


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