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Tree mulching, sometimes called wood chipping, is the process of reducing brush, branches, tree trunks and tree stumps to small chips or shreds. Depending on the equipment used, the end product is either wood chips or mulch, which can be used for many purposes, often directly on the site where they originated.

Mulch can benefit trees and plants of all kinds by improving the quality of the soil. It also gives gardens, flower beds, plantations and groves a neat, attractive appearance. It is best applied during autumn or spring, in warm, moist conditions. Keep in mind, though, that a skilled arborist can make sure your mulch is applied properly and efficiently. Improper use of mulch or wood chips can do more harm to your plants and trees than good!

Here are just a few of the benefits of using wood chips or mulch on your plants, trees and landscaping projects:

  • It makes gardens and other plantings more attractive
  • It makes the spoil more hospitable to beneficial organisms, improving plant health
  • A covering of mulch can protect roots from the effects of extreme temperatures
  • Many pests can be kept from the roots and stems of plants with a barrier of mulch or chips
  • Mulch and wood chips also slow evaporation, saving water
  • A mulch or chip barrier can prevent weeds and other plants form growing in the same area, competing for water and resources
  • Mulch can help soil retain water longer


If you have brush or trees that you need removed, we would be happy to mulch them right on your property. If you simply need prepared mulch or chips, we will be happy to send a skilled arborist around to make sure it is properly applied.


We can supply and perform tree mulching in the following areas of South East Queensland.

  • Brisbane CBD
  • Brisbane Northside & Brisbane Southside
  • West & East Regions
  • Ipswich & Toowoomba
  • Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast


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