A Comprehensive Guide for Safe and Effective Tree Removal

Safely Navigating Tree Removal in Brisbane

If you’re a property owner in Brisbane looking to remove a tree from your yard, you may be wondering where to start.

Removing a tree, especially a large or long-standing one, can be complicated.

This guide, Pro Tree Removal Brisbane will walk you through the key steps to ensure your tree removal is safe, effective, and avoids issues down the road.

Identifying When Tree Removal is Necessary

The first step is determining if tree removal is truly needed. Here are some of the most common reasons Brisbane property owners seek tree removal services:

  • The tree is dead, diseased, decaying, or poses a safety hazard due to damaged or overgrown branches. Dead trees and limbs can fall and cause injury or property damage.
  • The roots are interfering with plumbing or foundations. This causes costly damage.
  • The tree is too close to the house or overhead power lines. Falling branches can damage your home.
  • The tree blocks desired sunlight from entering your home or yard.
  • You want to clear the area for an addition, pool, or other landscaping project.

If the tree is healthy, pruning or trimming may be better options than removal. An arborist can assess health. But if removal is the best course, continue reading.

Following Proper Procedures

Removing a tree, especially a mature, large, or protected species, involves legal and safety protocols. Start by confirming property ownership. Your neighbor’s overhanging branches may protrude into your yard, but it’s their tree.

For trees on your private property in Brisbane, the main steps are:

  • Verify any tree protection laws in your local area. Some species are protected.
  • If needed, apply for a tree removal permit from your local Brisbane City Council office. This involves submitting documents including the tree’s location and photos.
  • Ensure above and below ground utilities are marked before starting work.
  • Hire an insured and qualified arborist to assess the tree and perform the removal.
  • Ask the removal company about work schedules. Tree removal often involves road or sidewalk closures that require permits.
  • Expect to pay between $300 to $2000 based on the tree size, location, access, and difficulty of removal.

Skipping steps can lead to injuries, property damage, or legal issues. Safety should be the top priority.

Choosing a Professional Brisbane Tree Removal Company

Attempting tree removal yourself as a non-professional is extremely dangerous. Trees are heavy and can fall in unpredictable ways.

Here are tips for choosing a qualified tree removal company in Brisbane:

  • Verify licenses and certifications. Look for companies accredited by the Queensland Arboricultural Association. This indicates proper training. Ask to see the arborist’s qualifications.
  • Check reviews and references. A reputable company will have a long list of positive customer reviews and references. Check testimonials from past clients.
  • Confirm insurance. Only work with insured companies. Be sure they carry public liability insurance of $20 million or more. This protects you from liability in the event of an accident or property damage. Ask for proof.
  • Get quotes from multiple companies. Reputable firms provide free written quotes detailing the work plan, costs, timelines, and more. Be wary of low ball quotes that seem too good to be true.
  • Ask lots of questions. Discuss their methods for protecting your property from falling limbs and debris. How will they access tall trees? Do they use cranes, bucket trucks, climbing gear, or a combination?
  • Check resources. Larger companies have greater manpower, equipment, and access to high quality supplies. Make sure the company has what’s needed for your specific job.

By carefully vetting providers, you can hire the most qualified professionals in Brisbane to remove your tree safely and efficiently.

After Tree Removal – Next Steps

Once the tree is cut down, there’s still more to do. Here’s what to expect after your tree removal service completes the work:

  • Stump grinding – Most companies will grind down remaining tree stumps unless otherwise arranged. Stump grinding prepares the area for new planting or landscaping.
  • Clean up – Reputable companies will remove all debris and leaves from your property, sweep up sawdust, and leave the area raked clean. Make sure this service is included.
  • Inspections – Check the area for any damage including torn up grass, cracks in driveways, or holes needing repair. Hold the company accountable for proper restoration.
  • Approvals – Your local council may require final inspections or approvals after certain trees are removed. Follow all guidelines to avoid penalties.
  • Replanting – Consider planting a new tree to replace the one removed. Contact local nurseries and tree services for recommendations on species suitable for your property.

With the tree gone, it’s time to move forward with landscaping projects or simply begin enjoying your tree-free backyard.


What are the average costs to remove a tree in Brisbane?

  • Small Trees Under 30 Feet: $250 – $700
  • Medium Trees 30-60 Feet: $700 – $1500
  • Large Trees Over 60 Feet: $1500 – $2000
  • Additional charges apply for difficult access, cranes, traffic control, stump grinding, and hauling debris. Always get a quote.

When do I need a permit to remove a tree in Brisbane?

Permits are required to remove trees designated as protected species by Brisbane City Council. Permits may also be needed if tree removal affects power lines, footpaths, roadways, or council property. Check ahead of time with your local council office.

Is a certified arborist required to remove a tree in Brisbane?

Yes, it’s essential to hire a qualified and certified arborist, not just a general tree removal company. Improper tree removal can damage property or endanger lives.

What if my neighbor’s tree branches are overhanging onto my property?

You may prune back any branches crossing your property line as long as it doesn’t harm the overall health of the tree. But the tree itself belongs to your neighbor. Communicate with them before any work.

How can I tell if my tree is dead or dying?

Warning signs include lack of foliage or leaf buds, brittle dry branches, loose bark, holes, and evidence of rot or pests. A certified arborist inspects the tree’s overall health before declaring whether it needs removal.


Removing a tree in Brisbane involves important steps to maximise safety.

The critical task is hiring a professional, certified, and fully insured arborist.

They have the skills, equipment, and manpower to remove your tree while minimising property damage.

With the tree gone, you can move forward on new landscaping projects or other improvements to your property.