Top 10 Reasons to Call an Arborist

Expert Tree Care for Healthy, Beautiful, and Safe Trees

Do the trees on your property need some professional care and attention?

Expert tree removal companies are specially trained to provide a wide range of tree services that can help keep your trees healthy, beautiful, and safe.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should call a certified arborist.

1. Tree Pruning

Regular pruning by a professional arborist is essential for the health of trees. An arborist can strategically remove dead, diseased, or crossing branches to encourage growth and a strong structure. Pruning when the species of tree is young helps prevent issues down the road. Mature trees also benefit from strategic pruning to open the canopy for better light exposure and air circulation.

2. Tree Removal

Sometimes an entire tree needs to be removed due to disease, damage from storms, or hazardous branches posing a risk of personal injury or property damage to people or property. Tree removal is a complex job, both in terms of techniques for safe felling and handling/disposal of debris. Don’t take it on yourself – call a qualified arborist to assess if removal is necessary and perform it professionally.

3. Fertilisation

Like all plants, trees need nutrients. Arborists are trained as tree doctors to evaluate soil conditions and determine optimal fertilisation for the species of tree, season, and tree age. Proper fertilisation encourages good growth and disease/pest resistance.

4. Cabling and Bracing

Adding supportive cables and braces can help stabilise weak or damaged limbs and stems. An arborist can determine if cabling and bracing are warranted and provide proper installation to maintain structural integrity and reduce risk of limb failure.

5. Lightning Protection

Trees struck by lightning can suffer long-term damage or even death. Lightning protection systems containing grounding rods and wires can help divert current from a lightning strike around the entire tree. Installation is complex, so consult a professional arborist.

6. Tree Planting

To give new trees the best start, arborists offer professional planting services. They have the experience to properly assess the site, amend soil if needed, and plant at the correct depth and spacing for the species of tree. This greatly boosts tree health and vigor from day one.

7. Diagnosing Diseases and Pests

Arborists study tree diseases and pests in-depth. They can identify issues from signs and symptoms and offer appropriate organic or chemical treatment plans for pest infestations. Early disease diagnosis and treatment can prevent major damage or loss of the tree.

8. Risk Assessment

Trees can pose hazards when located too close to power lines, suffering from disease/damage, or having substantial dead branches. Arborists perform detailed risk assessments to identify and quantify potential dangers so steps can be taken to reduce risks if needed.

9. Storm Damage Cleanup

Storms can cause severe damage to trees from winds, hail, lightning, and flying debris. Certified arborists have specialised equipment and training to safely perform assessment and emergency tree cleanup after major weather events.

10. Tree Health and Aesthetics

The combined expertise, services, and treatments offered by arborists aim to maximise tree health, beauty, longevity, and safety. They provide expert advice and tree inspections for the proper care of trees. Regular professional tree maintenance gives peace of mind that your trees will thrive for generations.

Still unsure if you need arborist services? Here are signs it’s time to call a professional tree surgeon for help:

  • Dead, dying, or broken branches
  • Leaning or odd shaped growth
  • Evidence of pest infestations
  • Fungi growths on bark or discolored leaves
  • Lifting sidewalks or roots encroaching your home

Protect your landscape investment – call an ISA certified arborist at the first sign of any issues! They have the skills and equipment to properly care for your trees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications should an arborist have?

Look for certification through the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), which requires expertise in all aspects of tree care. Arborists should also carry insurance.

How often should trees be fertilised?

Depends on the species, age, and soil. Arborists determine what nutrients are needed and at what intervals for optimal health.

Can cables and braces permanently save a damaged tree?

Maybe, if installed correctly before further decline. The goal is to stabilise it as much as possible. However large old trees decline naturally.

Does tree removal require a permit?

If the tree sits on private property, you likely don’t need a permit. But regulations vary in each state, so check with your local council first.

What is the role of mulch around trees?

Mulch helps retain soil moisture and insulates roots. 2-4 inches of organic mulch applied out to the tree’s drip line is ideal. Avoid letting mulch touch the trunk.


In summary, arborists are a vital tool for maintaining healthy trees and beautiful landscaping.

Their expertise helps diagnose and treat problems related to disease, pests, and other issues that can threaten the health of trees.

With proper care from these tree care professionals, your landscape will thrive for years to come.

Protect your investment and keep your trees healthy with professional arborist services.