How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

Plants and trees are the most natural form of decoration. Apart from enhancing the beauty of the surrounding area, trees provide shade and shelter and help control pollution. But sometimes, it becomes essential to remove a tree. It could be diseased and dying or blocking access to other areas.

Aging trees that pose a threat of falling require removed. Removing a tree can be an expensive exercise and can prove dangerous if attempted in the wrong way. Arborists can provide the best help when it comes to tree removal. They can provide an end-to-end removal service at the best price as compared to hiring someone for individual work of removals, stump grinding, clearing the area. Local contractors such a Pro Tree Removal Brisbane offer fast quotes and set fee structures which make it easy to compare with other companies. In this article we will explore different tree service costs and general information about services available. First we’ll start by finding out why you would need an arborist.

Why Do You Need an Arborist?

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost

Arborists have knowledge and expertise to care for trees appropriately. They can decide if a tree needs to be removed or replaced. In some cases pruning or lopping is sufficient. Removing trees in South East Queensland often requires council permission. The council will need a report on the health and purpose of removing the tree. Licensed arborists can also provide arborists reports to the Government as required. The two most common tasks performed by arborists are:

> Tree removals

Removing trees can be very dangerous if attempted without the know-how and the right equipment. Broken branches, flying chips and irregular stumps could be injurious. And if the tree is bigger, uncontrolled felling can also pose serious threat to life. Arborists help in safely removing trees, getting rid of the stumps by grinding and clearing debris to maintain safety.

> Pruning & Trimming

Pruning can be difficult and tedious for someone inexperienced. It could also be risky if one attempts to prune higher branches which are not easy to access. Arborists are trained and experienced and have the right kind of equipment to perform the job.

As per the Arboriculture Australia directory listing of 2015, there are 14 arborists in Brisbane, Queensland who are licensed by Brisbane City Council and provide services and consultation.

The Costs


Tree removal involves assessing the heath of the tree if it can be removed and receiving council’s permit for the same. Post receiving the permit, the tree is cut down using certified techniques and equipment and the debris is cleared. The average cost of removing a average size tree is $1000. But keep in mind this cost can vary anywhere from $300 to $10,000. The price depends on a number of factors like the age, size and location of the tree. Other factors include accessibility, whether the tree is dangerous or if it is close to other vegetation and buildings.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the procedure of grinding the stump of the tree after chopping it. Not removing the stump can lead to unpleasant view and trouble with meowing the surrounding area. Stump grinding can cost a few hundred dollars starting from $100 depending on the diameter of the stump and the time required to grind it. On an average the per hour cost for stump grinding is around $35 to $500.

Tree Pruning

Pruning a tree refers to removing some specific branches for the benefit of the tree. It is done to improve the aesthetic look of the tree. It is also done to avoid the spread of infection if some part of tree is infected. Pruning costs begin from$35 per hour but are dependent on various factors like the number of branches to be pruned, their width etc.

Tree Lopping

Tree Lopping is the cutting of large side branches of a tree that might be causing it to grow sideward hindering pathways or entering other property. It is also the removal of the crown section of a tree to avoid it from growing too fast and creating a bush requiring regular pruning. Lopping is done by making vertical or horizontal cuts as required and is a crude form of pruning. In Brisbane, tree lopping costs begin from $35 to $300 per hour. Depending on the location, height and width of the tree, the costs can vary.

Land Clearing

Clearing the site post removal or pruning is essential to maintain the aesthetics of the place and to reduce the risk of injuries. The cost of clearing the site depends on the nature and quantity of debris generated. While generally this cost is included in the cost of removal, sometimes one can choose to clear up the debris on his own to reduce the expenses. The individual cost of clearing the site can be requested when requesting a quote.

Other services

There are many other services like tree mulching, palm clearing etc. that are offered by arborists. The costs for these can be obtained in a quote from them by providing them the details of the tree.

How To Choose a Good Arborist

To be able to remove a protected tree, one needs to get the city council permit. Hence it is best to hire an arborist who can complete the heath assessment of tree and fill up the forms to get the required permit.


Hence it is also important to understand which company will be able to complete the job best. Apart from this it is also important to check the qualification of the arborist. It should also be checked whether they are carrying all necessary public liability insurances and workers compensation that all workers are required to have by law.

Once such arborists are identified, it is advised that all information about the tree to be removed is shared with them to get their quotes. Finally getting a signed contractual agreement is important before commencing work to avoid disputes.


Trees provide us innumerable benefits and hence it is important to take good care of them with the help of arborists. And sometimes when there is a need to get a tree removed, it becomes even more important to cut them in a safe, hazard-free manner and clear the debris to keep the property safe.

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