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Every tree at one point or another can either be an asset or a liability. Tree removal is required if it poses danger or needs to be cleared to create space for building. Whenever you are faced with this taunting task of having to remove a tree, it is best left to professionals due to the risks involved. A professional arborist should always be considered as they can use their  experience, skills and training to remove the tree safely. If you are looking for local arborist consider our crew from Pro Tree Removal Brisbane, fully qualified and certified arborists. We pride ourselves with over 10 years of serving both residential as well as commercial land projects. Our team of experts are fully qualified and licensed to offer you an efficient and affordable service. Requesting a quote from us is just by a click of a button and we ensure your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our Services

We offer a number of professional services including the following:

Tree removal

A tree may be removed because of many varying reasons; this job is highly technical and requires the services of experts. Pro Tree Removal Brisbane having been in this business for over ten years, have the proper equipment and well trained personnel to undertake this job in the most efficient and safe way. They also ensure that they minimize any disruption to your business.

Tree lopping

This involves the removal of the top part of a tree for whatever reason, this may include the tree aging and withering, posing danger to property or causing an obstruction such as important view. We have the right equipment to perform this task having been in service for over ten years.

Tree relocation

So you have that mature tree that you love and need it moved to a place you desire and you don’t know how. Or perhaps your space has a large gaping that needs to be filled with a tree, Pro Tree Removal are experts and can help you fulfill this tasks. Our expert arborists are well trained and have the right equipment to transfer any tree of any size and age with ease. This is because of the vast experience acquired having been in business for many years.

Stump grinding

This involves the removal of protruding tree stumps within your property. Stump grinding is a much cheaper way of removing tree stumps than digging out. Pro Tree Removal is an expert and has the right equipment for this job. Tree stumps that pose danger to your property can be easily removed at very affordable prices.

Tree pruning and maintenance

So you value the general appearance of your property and don’t like the look of those overhanging branches in your lawn, may be a tree is being an obstruction and you need it pruned. Whichever the case, we have the expertise to get the job done. Our services are very affordable and we can take up the management of commercial premises to ensure tree pruning and maintenance is always up to date.

Tree mulching

This involves the reduction of any biomass material into small chips and re-using them by spreading on the surface of the soil, this in turn provides nutrients to existing plants as the decompose. Our professional arborist will ensure tree mulching is applied correctly and efficiently to gain maximum benefits from this practice.

Palm tree removals

On any property, palm trees are so beautiful considering that they stand out from any other tree due to their unique shape and size. This being a fact, it doesn’t mean they don’t come with their unique challenges, they grow so tall and shade their outer layers hence posing serious danger to property. We have he right equipment suited for any palm tree project.

Land clearing

Land clearing is a large job that requires the services of an expert. Our team offers expert site preparation and land clearing with affordable prices. Having a record over ten years in this field, they have the appropriate equipment for the task and its customers all around South East Queensland have come to recognize our expert services.

Emergency storm damage

We offer services of clearing any debris on an event of a natural calamity such as storm damage. Our expert team is always on stand by and within reach whenever our affordable services are required.


Located in Brisbane, we offer services throughout South East Queensland. Some of the locations our expert teams can visit include:

  • Brisbane North side

  • Brisbane south side

  • East Brisbane

  • West Brisbane

  • Ipswich

  • Sunshine coast

  • Gold coast

  • Toowoomba

Our friendly team of experts can answer any queries and offer you free advice and recommendations. Call us now for a free quote, we hope to hear from you.