Best 7 Reasons To Call An Arborist

7 Reasons To Call An Arborist

Tree removal is dangerous work. Unless you re a professional you should not attempt any DIY work. Aside from tree removal, licensed arborists also safely trim, prune, and maintain trees, stumps, and roots. An aborist must undergo training and hold a curent licence to work as a professional.  Australia requires arborists to register as qualified contractors or consultants. The criteria for  arborist licensing in Queensland includes the following.

Contractor Requirements

  • Proof of 2 x AQF Level 3 Hort. (Arb)/AQF Level 3
  • Units of Competency in Basic Tree Climbing and Aerial Rescue.
  • Course in General Safety Induction (Blue or White Card)
  • First Aid Certificate
  • Evidence of on-going industry training
  • All relevant Insurance


Consultant Requirements

  • Min. AQF Level 5 Diploma in Hort. (Arb) or Arboriculture (to include subjects list)
  • 5 years experience in Arboricultural Report Writing
  • Experience in Tree Identification, Hazard Assessment methodologies and tree investigation equipment


When Should You Call an Arborist?

Caring for trees and shrubs on your property, especially when it comes time for removal, should be done by a qualified arborist. They may cost more for their expertise, but you’re guaranteed to get the job done right the first time. Arborists have extensive training and expertise when it comes to trees. They are professionals who are required they stay up-to-date on the latest developments in their field, which ensures the integrity of the profession. Here are eight top reasons you should call and arborist.

1. Removing Trees

Trees provide an ecosystem for us all to use. They create a habitat for many animals and supply oxygen for us all the survive. However, sometimes they can grow too big and need to be removed. Doing it yourself can be dangerous so you’ll need expert help.

2. Emergency Tree Care

If there is ever an emergency involving a tree, no matter what time of day, arborists are the ones you want to call. From storm damage to fallen trees, they can help in an emergency.

3. Landscape Design

Arborists can offer a wealth of information and advice when it comes to landscape design. They can advise which species are best for your property and exactly where you should plant them.

4. You Suspect Your Trees are Diseased

If a tree on your property appears sick and diseased, you shuold seek professional help. Arborists are like tree doctors. They can offer the correct diagnosis and see what needs to be done to take care of the problem.

5. Tree Maintenance and Pruning

Large and small trees require pruning and maintenance. To keep trees healthy they need nutrients. Get your trees xamined and find out exactly what kind of nutrients it needs.

6. Prevent Tree Damage

Without expert knowledge, causing damage while pruning or trimming is quitecommon. Believe it or not, some trees need to be pruned a certain way to prevent growrth issues.

Remember DIY Tree Removal is Dangerous

Don’t put yourself or your family in danger by trying to remove a tree yourself. It takes specialized training and tools to safely remove trees. Always call a qualified arborist.

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